Penegra Express

Penegra is an ED medication that has been designed based on the pharmacological properties of Viagra. To be more specific, Penegra is manufactured with Viagra's key ingredient: sildenafil citrate. This substance works directly on the tissues and irrigating vessels of the penis, allowing the entrance of a higher amount of blood, which means better and stronger erections. Now, it is very important to clarify that neither Penegra nor any other erectile dysfunction medication serve as elixirs or aphrodisiacs on their own right. The man that takes Penegra must be properly aroused for the medication to work at its full capacity.

Users that are allergic to sildenafil citrate should refrain from using Penegra (and all medications that include sildenafil for that matter). Penegra is also contraindicated for patients with malformations of the penis, such as angulation or Peyronie's disease, since they could experience painful erections. Ingestion of alcohol concomitantly with Penegra may trigger unwanted secondary effects. The consumption of fatty meals may render the medication ineffective. If you suffer from diabetes, visual disorders, cardiovascular difficulties, kidney disease, liver malfunction or abnormal blood pressure ask your doctor before you buy Penegra online.

Storing your ED medication is a very serious matter that you should undertake with the utmost care. Proper storage will maintain your medication's originally intended useful life. Temperature is one of the main parameters you should consider. Keep your tablets at room temperature; avoid the practice of refrigerating your medication. Do not keep it near a bathroom sink, since moisture and dampness may spoil the pills. The ideal place for storing Penegra should be clean, dark, and dry. Using an air-tight container is also extremely recommended.

For obtaining the best results, take Penegra around 60 minutes before the initiation of coitus. Have a glass of water with it so that the pill is quickly dissolved and its components are absorbed by the bloodstream. The initial dose is normally 50 mg, but your physician must determine if this correct for you. Do not increase your recommended dose unless you have your doctor's approval.