Welgra 100 mg

Let’s talk about tablets from the group of selective inhibitors: vardenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil, Sildenafil and Welgra 100 mg. The drug should be taken about an hour before planned sexual intercourse. In severe stages of sexual dysfunction drugs are assigned each time before having sex.

Drugs are usually used wisely in the first sex with a particular girl, when the excitement and shyness can reduce potency. The drug Welgra 100 mg will increase self-confidence, encourage more decisive action and help to make a first good impression on her. No wonder drugs are so-called Pickup for men who frequently change partners. Medications can help to achieve the desired mood and confidence so necessary for seducing a girl.

Despite the similarity of the principle of action and a similar effect in preparations for potency, there are of significant differences. The oldest is vardenafil (brand name - Viagra). Viagra has a very wide experience of use (since 1998) and has helped many millions of people with a weakened potency. Viagra "holds" for about four hours, but it contains much more contraindications and side effects than their more modern counterparts. For example, before taking Viagra you should not load because it can nullify the effect of drugs. Alcohol use can also reduce the effect. That is why many men now prefer to buy Welgra 100 mg.

You have to take Levitra, unlike Viagra, fifteen minutes prior to sexual intercourse. At the same time, the effect of Levitra is much longer than Viagra. Alcohol and fatty food do not affect the effectiveness of this medication. Contraindications and side effects are also much smaller. Silias is the most-lasting drug for potency, the average "hold" for about three days. But it is quite unpredictable Silias device - some do not act, or act is not always the case. If you are too shy to buy Welgra in the pharmacy, you can buy Welgra online, it will be even cheaper.

Levitra, Viagra and Cialis properly called the means to increase potency, but not as accepted online - drugs. Drugs do not treat sexual dysfunction, exactly as do not cause harm, drugs improve erections for a certain period of time. However, recent studies argue that a certain percentage of women with regular use of drugs increases the potency of its own. For best effect, drugs can be used in conjunction with the male sex hormones. If the potency of its own affairs are very bad, you should not rely on pills too ... pills will help the time - you need to consult a doctor. Even if the pill for erectile dysfunction does not work - should immediately run to the doctor.