Premature Ejaculation Exercises | Can They Help Men Last Longer

Last Longer in BedPremature ejaculation exercises, can they really work? It’s been proven that they can. It really depends on how dedicated and consistent you can be.

These premature ejaculation exercises were designed like most workouts, to work over a period of time. I mean you cannot expect to get washboard abs after only a day or two of abdominal workout. If you can understand the principle then you know that you have to stick with a regular regimen in order to see results.

Kegel/PC Flex Exercise

We have Doctor Arnold Kegel to thank for the development of the PC exercise that help strengthen the pelvic floor. Although developed for women who were plagued with incontinence his exercise will work just as well for men. This exercise is simple enough, designed to strengthen the muscles that surround the penis.

PC is an easy way to refer to the pubococcygeus muscles. If you have ever tried to control the flow of urine, you have used this muscle group. In men they also affect his ability to get and retain an erection. Exercising these muscles will make you last longer in bed. The best part about this premature ejaculation exercise is that you can do them anywhere.

This is a hands free exercise, flex and hold. Do about ten reps and then relax for 10 minutes. Have another go at it. That’s it keep going. Make this a daily ritual while brushing your teeth asnd you are well on your way to increasing your stamina in bed. Soon you will have better luck at delaying ejaculation.

Relaxation/Breathing Exercise

Of all the premature ejaculation exercises should always include some form of relaxation. This is especially true in the bedroom. Making love is a lost art; it is now all about the sexual intercourse. Relaxing and enjoying the journey from start to finish will prolong your ejaculation. If you ever orgasm before you’d like to it could be because you did not relax from the stress of the day you attempted a sexual feat.

On this high pressure world, we are over stimulated. Music and television can be taken with us everywhere we go. The stress of work and keeping our heads above water can make for a very tense individual. We do not, as a person, actually spend enough down time. It is always Go! Go! Go! Never experiencing quiet in both mind and body.

Therefore, breathing is out of the many premature ejaculation exercises that you should start off with. Many men tend to hold their breath during sex and this stress in the body causes it to look for a quick release.

Relaxation is definitely one of the best premature ejaculation exercises. This malady is almost always cause by some form of anxiety. It is therefore essential that you learn how to attain a true state of relaxation.

Practice Feeling Body Sensation

Of the two premature ejaculation exercises mentioned, this is the simplest yet convenient to proceed. A lot of guys (especially guys who ejaculate prematurely) tend to focus simply on the feeling of their penis during sex. This is a sure fire way to go from an aroused state, to climax. Instead, feel your entire body.

As you’re sitting there with both feet on the ground, simply notice what your legs and feet feel like. Practice feeling a small portion of your body in this way daily. The more you do this, the more you’ll be able to feel your entire body all at the same time and easier it will be for you to relax during sex.

These premature ejaculation exercises are not a quick fix and they are something that should be incorporated into your daily routine. Once you have an increase in sexual stamina maintaining it is all up to you. If you stop doing what works you will go back to the rapid ejaculation you were experiencing before.